Thursday, July 1, 2010

welcome to july 2010

Julianna is 15 weeks and 1 day old. Time is already flying by... just like my fellow parent friends told me it would.

Today is Josh's last day at his job on the construction site. He feels very bittersweet about it today. He didn't enjoy the actual job that he had to do there but he really liked a lot of the people he worked with. He did make big difference there so I think that makes him sad to leave as well. But he has an amazing opportunity in front of him. I know he will do great at the new job and I think it will be good for our family. Keep him in your prayers as he begins this new journey. He will go in tomorrow to setup his office but he doesn't actually start until Wednesday, the 7th.

We're going to South Carolina tomorrow afternoon to visit Josh's dad for a few days, including the 4th of July on Sunday and Josh's 26th birthday on Monday.

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