Saturday, July 31, 2010

making my own baby food

Julianna is now eating solids one time per day, in the evening. She had carrots for 4 days and last night we started avocado. I thought she loved carrots but goodness this girl devoured some avocado!

The carrots were from Gerber but I prepared the avocado for Julianna. I decided to make my own baby food with the assistance of They have all of the recipes and information to make your own food.

It's so much cheaper to make your own food! I made 16 oz. of green beans and it costs me $1.50. Right now she only eats about 1 oz. of food at a time so that means each feeding costs about 9 cents! I bought the Steam Fresh green beans because they cook fast and they are nothing but green beans--no added salt or flavoring.

The other reason I'm making my own is because I love the fact that Julianna is eating fresh veggies. I can make my own organic baby food for her at a great price. I also think making fresh food for her will encourage Josh and I to eat more fresh veggies ourselves. We definitely don't get enough of them. Here is Julianna enjoying her freshly prepared avocado:


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