Monday, April 4, 2011

sweet springtime

Oh, how I love spring! Fall and spring are the best time of the year. They are such transitional seasons and a little bipolar. The weather isn't consistent this time of year but I like it. Provides variety in activities and wardrobe. I like bipolar weather! :)

Julianna loves the warm spring afternoons... especially Sunday afternoons. For the past 3 weeks, we have gone over to John and Amanda's for Sunday afternoon relaxation and dinner. Julianna always has a great time over there with tennis balls, pots, wooden spoons, and of course, toilet paper. John and Amanda got a new camera so they've had a blast using our precious girl for photos. Julianna is a ham so she doesn't mind at all!

She's still not walking but she is constantly pulling herself up and with ease now. She loves to climb all over anyone who is sitting on the floor beside her. She doesn't stand alone yet but she'll do a cute wobbly walk when you hold her hands.

The past 2 weeks she has also had issues with being alone. At daycare she does well because there are always so many adults and babies around but at home she has a fit if she's left alone. By alone I mean, mommy is on the couch and Julianna is with her toys on the floor beside the couch. She wants us to be right beside her at all times. She screams until someone either picks her up or gets on the floor with her. I'm hoping this phase packs it's bags and leaves soon. I don't like an angry baby!

Julianna has got two more teeth with the past week. Her teeth and gums have been giving her a fit. Can all of her teeth just magically appear at once? That would be fabulous!

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