Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happy First Birthday, Julianna Hope!

Happy First Birthday, Julianna Hope!

My sweet baby girl is officially one year old. What an amazing year! I have enjoyed being a mommy more than I ever could have imagined. The pictures in this post are from our one year photoshoot last Saturday. Julianna didn't love the icing making her hands sticky at the photoshoot. She quickly turned her smile into screams when her hands got covered with icing.

On Thursday, we celebrated her birthday with a green cupcake (since it was St. Patrick's Day too). Again... icing on the hands = angry baby! She didn't want anything to do with that cupcake once her hands were icky.

Today was Julianna's first birthday party. It was such a success! The decorations turned out beautiful, the cake was too cute, lots of family and friends joined us in the celebration, and Julianna had a blast! This time, I gave her the cupcake icing down so she only had to touch the cake part of the cupcake. She enjoyed that much more! She actually ate quite a bit of her cupcake. Thanks to all of my great friends and family who helped make the party so successful!

Pictures of the party to come!