Thursday, March 10, 2011

word of God speak

This week has been such a whirlwind. Josh has been having various health problems so he went back to the doctor on Tuesday. He had bloodwork done as well as a chest exam. The doctor discovered that he's heart is enlarged, his oxygen intake is low, and there is something (not sure what) on the outside of his lungs. The doctor gave him some scary ideas of what all of this means. Initally we were both very scared. But our faith is in God. He is in great hands, the hands of God. We have been blessed to have prayers being poured out from all our close friends and family. I have faith that with prayer, faith, and the support of amazing people-- anything is possible! Josh will be healed. I know that.

In other news, I got a call at work this afternoon that little Julianna was running a temperature of 103. I was completely baffled at first because she's till on an antibiotic for her ear infection-- she hasn't finished it yet. I picked her up asap and headed to the doctor. She appeared to be completely normal, just warm to the touch. After several tests, she came back positive for strep throat. Poor baby! I can't recall ever having strep but I'm sure it's no fun. I'm staying at home with her tomorrow and praying for a fast recovery!

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