Thursday, March 3, 2011

answered prayers... and a biting baby

In my last post, I mentioned that I was dragging my feet about scheduling Julianna's surgery to open up the blocked tear duct. The thoughts of my little baby girl being put to sleep for surgery scared me to death. I know parents go through things like this all of the time but it's really tough when it's your own child. Since the appointment with the ophthalmologist, I have been praying that Julianna's eye would heal itself and the tear duct would open up on it's own. Julianna's appointment was in the second week of February. For the past 2 weeks, there have been no signs that anything is wrong with Julianna's eye! Her eye hasn't been watery or goopy at all. Since she was born, I have constantly had to clean her eye--at least every hour!

God answered my prayers. I know that without a doubt. When I met with the eye doctor, he told me that he doubted that it would open up if it hadn't by that point. He said that they usually don't open up on their own. Thank you, God for answering my prayers! There will be no eye surgery for Ju Ju!

In other news, Julianna is officially a biter. She has always nimbled on me here and there but now she full on bites! As in, leave a mark on mommy's arm bite! She just sunk her teeth (all 4 of them) right into my arm and then laughed. I had no idea that I would be having "don't bite" conversations this soon! She even continued to try to bite me. She thought it was a game or something! Let's not play that game, I like peek-a-book much better... it's less painful!
Josh is enjoying his trip to El Salvador. He has sent me a picture of a dress that the women at the plant he's visiting had made for Julianna. It's such a beautiful, handmade dress. I can't wait for Julianna to try it on!

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