Monday, February 28, 2011

the big O-N-E is coming soon!

Julianna will be celebrating her very first birthday in 3 weeks! This year has flow by! The past 11 months have been an exciting rollercoaster of love and learning. My entire mindset has changed. My priorities are in a different order. My desire to be a better person is much stronger. What an amazing and life changing experience being a mommy has been!

Julianna is currently experiencing her first ear infection. We took her to the park yesterday because the weather was gorgeous. She enjoyed the swings but after that she just wanted to go home. We was fussy, not eating as usual, and tired. After work today, I took her to the doctor and one of her ears is infected. She's had a cold for the past week so that's where it started from. Poor thing!

The doctor's office that will be doing the surgery on Julianna's eye called me last week but I have been dragging my feet about calling them back. Her eye has been goopy and watery since she was born. But in the past week, it's been completely fine. I want to give it a few more days before I schedule the surgery. I don't want to put her through surgery or even schedule it, if it's not necessary. I'm praying that we won't have to do it afterall.
In the past 2 weeks, Julianna has become much more interested in standing. She can't stand on her own but she'll pull up on about anything. She loved pulling herself up with her old bumbo seat and walking herself around it. I think we're headed in the right direction for walking. She's just taking her time just like I did. I didn't walk until I was about 14 months.
This weekend, we made the switch to whole milk and no bottles. So far, so good! She doesn't seem to miss formula or bottles. She takes her whole milk like a champ in a sippy cup. Woo hoo! I was worried that taking away the bottle completely would be difficult but she has transitioned wonderfully!
In other news, Josh is on a business trip to El Salvador this week. I really dislike when he has to travel. I don't mind doing things around the house myself but I just miss having an adult companion to talk to in the evening. I already miss him because I know it will be several days before I get to see him again. I guess you have to take the good with the bad when it comes to jobs. Part of me is just jealous that he gets to travel without me. I want to travel!

It's time to really get going with Julianna's party. We're having the party at the Dream Center at church. The space is free (which is awesome) and it's large enough for a crowd. The theme of the party is ladybugs. I decided on ladybugs because we've always called Julianna, "Ju Ju Bug". The colors are pink and lime green (the same as my baby shower). I am so excited for everyone to come celebrate this special occasion with us!

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