Saturday, February 12, 2011

why hello, two front teeth!

I have been too busy to blog lately. There hasn't been a dull moment and my computer is infected with a virus so I have had limited access to a computer outside of school.

In the past few weeks, Julianna has been doing so much. She eats pretty much anything now. She even devoured her first cheese quesadilla at San Felipe last week. Her two front teeth also have made their appearance. They are about half way in now and it's too cute!

Work has been really busy. I'm trying really hard to work smarter and not harder. I'm not sure how I'm doing with that! Being a working mommy is much harder than I ever thought it would be but it's worth it. Yesterday I took a half day to take Julianna to the ophalmologist about her blocked tear duct. She had her eyes dilated and really did well with all of the examination process. She even did well with the hour long wait in the waiting room. She's a good girl! Doctor told us to continue to massage the corner of her eye but we're going to go ahead and schedule the surgery to open up the tear duct. She's going to have to be put to sleep and that terrifies me. But she's in good hands, God's hands! If the tear duct happens to open up before the surgery, we can cancel it. Either way, I just wait her eye to be all better. I know she'll be glad when mommy doesn't have the clean her eye ten times a day.
Josh has been incredibly busy too. At the end of the month, he'll be flying to El Salvador for business. Julianna and I will miss him so much. It's been a few months since he's had to travel anywhere for more than a night so he's spoiled us with him presence. I'm sure it will be a neat adventure for him though!

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