Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter egg bash

On Saturday afternoon, Julianna went to an Easter party at Ashton and Ty's house (my brother Zach's little guys). They had an Easter egg bash for kids! Katie did a fabulous job of planning everything. She made the cutest cupcakes that were delicious! She made cute lollipop decorations that we made from pretty plastic, balloons, with a cardboard stick (you can awesome see the candies in the background):

She also made fun paper mache eggs for the kids to break open to find the candy hidden inside:

After we helped Julianna open her egg, Josh put half of the egg on his head. We tried to get a picture of Julianna with it on her head but as you can see above... she wasn't interested!! An Easter egg bash wouldn't be complete without an egg hunt so Julianna got to go on her second egg hunt.

Overall, our little family had a fantastic Easter together. We really enjoyed the egg hunts and candy but we were able to truly celebrate the real meaning behind the season. I'm excited to share more about it with Julianna as she grows! I hope your family had a wonderful Easter as well!

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