Tuesday, April 26, 2011

diggin' up dirt

This week in Julianna's class at daycare, they are learning about plants and soil. Sounds familiar... because that's what we've been learning about in my classroom. Of course, what 1 year olds and 8 year olds are learning is much different. Julianna's class got to touch and play with the soil. They also planted seeds in their own cup of soil. Again, I really love that Julianna is having such awesome learning experiences at such a young age! Hopefully she'll be extra prepared when she learns about soil in the third grade!

Speaking of dirt, we've been doing a lot of dirt diggin' at the Soto house in the past few days. On Friday, we went out to Whitiker Farms Greenhouse to pick out a new tree for our frontyard. We planted a tree the spring before last but we killed it. Too much plant food. We decided to give it a go again and bought a Okame Cherry Tree. What it will look like:

And what our baby tree looks like now:

We also updated the flowers by our mailbox. We decided to go with new perennials. We usually put an annual at the mailbox but we decided to go the perennial route this year because they come back... which I think is great. I love seeing flowers come back the next year. It's a sweet surprise. New mailbox flowers:

And a few other pictures from our garden:

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