Saturday, April 30, 2011

saturday morning

Saturday mornings are just Julianna and I. Josh works with my dad at one of his stores on Saturday mornings to make a little extra cash + he gets to hang out with his favorite father-in-law. Win, win!!

This morning, Julianna let mommy "sleep in" until 7. I woke up to hear her having the cutest conversation with herself. It was adorable and I wish I could have recorded it. I even got a shower before she was ready to get out of bed. Awesome, because that never happens on Saturday morning. My shower usually takes place during naptime.

Julianna was a goof ball during breakfast this morning. She kept looking at me with a super cheesy grin:
After breakfast was playtime. She continued to go backwards on her little toy, threw plastic eggs, and dragged the remote controls off of the couch. She's obsessed with one plastic egg in particular. She loves the see-through green one. Josh was putting it back in her Easter basket last night, mixing up all of the eggs, and then she dug through them all to find her special egg. The egg was getting attention again this morning:

And right before we left for some errands, I was putting my makeup on in the bathroom. She was playing on the floor and then decided she would go through all of the cabinets and drawers. Do you put locks on every cabinet and drawer in your house??? We have them on some but not all. Any advice, mommas?

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