Tuesday, April 12, 2011

sick day

I'm not sure when our family will be 100% healthy! Last week, I fought through a terrible sinus infection. I was stubborn and didn't go to the doctor until I was miserable with a terrible earache. The pressure from the neglected sinus infection put my ear in so much pain. So 7:00 last Friday night I gave in and went to urgent care. I won't put it off next time, I won't.

Sunday afternoon, Amanda and I went to the mall to do some shoe shopping for Julianna. She needed a pair of sandals for spring time. Apparently, Julianna has super tiny feet. She wears about a size 2, infant shoe. That's pretty small for a one year old, right?! We couldn't find any good, supportive sandals for a foot that small. I think I'm going to search for some new shoes online. She isn't walking yet. She's pulling up, walking along furnture but is no where near walking. She hasn't been able to stand alone yet. She's also super wobbly when I hold her hands and walk with her. Could her small feet be getting her off balance???

And yesterday, I got a call at work that Julianna had an upset stomach. By 3:30, I got another call that I needed to come get her. I took her to the doctor for her upset stomach and elevated temperature and ended up finding out she had an ear infection! Goodness gracious... can we please get healthy?? All of us! So today, we're taking a sick day. Getting ourselves all better and refreshed. Hopefully we'll be good as new tomorrow and back in action. But today is devoted to relaxation!

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