Wednesday, March 31, 2010

2 weeks old today!

Miss julianna is 2 weeks old today! Time is already flying by! She's growinh everyday-- a few of her premmie outfits are too short now. She's also gaining weight. It's carzy to think that she should still be in my belly. My estimated due date was april 3, which is this saturday.

Even though she's growing, she is still wearing premmie diapers. Those diapers are very hard to find! Target doesn't carry any at all but we did find some at wal-mart. About 9 dollars for a pack of 30. We bought 2 packs on friday and we already need to restock.

She went through 3 diapers within an hour today! In the middle of those changes, I got peed on. This has happened several times and it was a suprise. I had no idea that little girls could spray their pee like that!!

Aside from being peed on, I love being a mommy! Josh loves being a dad, too and it has about killed him going back to work this week. We miss him a lot too!

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