Monday, March 15, 2010

post #2 for today

i got up and tried to get ready. then of course, i got sick. everything i had to eat last night and today is gooone. i felt fine yesterday (as far as the nausea goes) but it's back in full force today.

i wanted to go to work so i called my practice to ask what to do. the nurse told me to take immodium, drink 2 12oz. glasses of water, lay on my left side for at least one hour, and mainly to just relax. i have been having non-stop cramping in my abdomen and lower back. i asked her whether or not i should go to work-- she said she couldn't tell whether to go or not but insisted i would not feel better if i didn't not lay down and rest.

so here i am. at home... still cramping. hungry and scared to eat anything. i moved my appointment time up to 2:15. i just want to know if this is labor related or i'm actually sick. i still have no fever. i'll update when i find something out!

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