Monday, March 8, 2010

36 weeks. 2 days. OB appointment

I just got back from my weekly OB visit. Today I saw a nurse midwife, instead of regular doctor. I really liked her... she was personable and informative at the same time. If a baby Soto #2 ever comes along, she would be my first choice.

Blood Pressure: 130/84-- which is high for me. The midwife seemed a little concerned about this because I'm also having some swelling in my ankles and hands.
Weight: 167 (beginning of pregnancy 128)
Baby's Heartbeat: 128
Measurement: I should be measuring around 36 cm this week, but my measurements have dropped to 32 cm--which means Julianna has dropped and she's getting ready!
Dilation: I have officially dilated 1 cm!

As the midwife was examining me, she said, "I'd say it's going to be sooner than later." So maybe Julianna won't be fashionably late afterall. We're making progress!

My next appointment will be next Monday and I'll get to meet with the other nurse midwife. I'm trying to see any many physicians as possible since I really don't know who will be delivering my little one.

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