Saturday, March 13, 2010

37 weeks and miserable :(

i woke up this morning with severe diarrhea... about every 10 minutes with abdominal cramping. i called my practice after two hours of dealing with this. i was told to take 2 immodium, take a warm shower, and relax. she said that it might be the onset of labor and my body was trying to clear itself out.

i did everything she told me then i got a new symptom after i ate a few saltine crackers... vomiting. so all day i've had a mix of n,v, and d. i'm miserable. i have no energy.

i hope she's right. i have no fever so she ruled out that it might be a stomach virus.

what the nurse said was confirmed on this website:

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  1. There is a thing going around that is like that but it only last 24 hours with no fever...or it could be labor!