Sunday, March 14, 2010

37 weeks, 1 day: update

like i said yesterday, i was absolutely miserable! the diarrhea lasted from 8am to 11pm mixed with constant nausea. i was barely able to keep any food down so i was incredibly weak. i took a warm bath to relax around 11:30pm. my body felt incredibly anxious so the bath helped a lot. i was able to go to sleep and remarkably slept through the night.

today, i have definitely felt better. i'm just not close to 100%. all my body wants to do is relax and sleep. i have been able to eat a little more today. i went with josh to lowes hardware and just walking around was very uncomfortable. little julianna has dropped really low so i am seriously waddling around now. i have dealt with constant painful pressure all day and my mid to lower back is killing me!! i have a doctor's appointment tomorrow afternoon. i hope that i am able to muster up enough energy to make it through work tomorrow. or julianna... you can come tonight! mommy's ready!

and as for daddy... he's been nesting like crazy! he won't sit still!

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