Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Julianna: recital 2014

Julianna has completed her first year of dance class and she has enjoyed it so much! She had a natural gift for dancing and follows instructions so well in her class. We are excited to see what the future hold for our little dancer.

Friday night was her dress rehearsal for her recital. She loved being on the stage so much! She loves to perform and isn't afraid of people watching her. 

She was such a leader. She knew most of the movements. We are so proud of her!

She didn't want to get off of the stage to go home. 

Curling her long and super thick hair wasn't an easy task. 15 sponge rollers, lots of hair spray, and about 14 hours later...

We had lots of bouncy curls!

She also was so excited for a little makeup. A touch of mascara, blush, and lipstick to complete her recital look.

It was pretty much impossible to get any pictures during the actual recital but she's on stage in this picture.

She did an absolutely wonderful job and nailed her first recital! Way to go, Julianna!

Julianna's cousin, Clara, came to cheer her on. They had so much fun playing after the recital.

We are planning to sign Julianna up for her next class next weekend. She is already excited to start a new class and learn more about dance. You are a star, tiny dancer!

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