Saturday, February 8, 2014

thrifty: coconut oil uses

Coconut oil. It's something I use every single day. My husband makes fun of me because if says it's my miracle fix for everything. But really, it is. I have discovered so many amazing uses for this stuff. And a big bonus is that it's very cheap and lasts a long time!

For Beauty

Daily I use it as a moisturizer. I have super dry skin. I use it along with my daily facial moisturizer with some extra moisture. I also use it daily to take off my eye makeup. I put a little on a cotton ball and my eye makeup (eye liner, eye shadow, and mascara) come right off! No more buying those expensive little bottles of eye makeup remover. It's all natural and safe so I don't have to worry if it gets in my eyes. 

Like I mentioned in my last beauty post, I use coconut oil in my hair. About one a month, I massage a little bit of it in my scalp and then wash and condition as normal. It has helped with my dry scalp to much. It leave my hair a little shiny after the first washing but by the second washing, my hair feels so healthy and looks great.

I have pinned a few more beauty related ideas using coconut oil on Pinterest. I plan to try a facial scrub and a deodorant using it very soon.

For the Home

I have used coconut oil for cooking, of course. It's a great replacement for oil in many baking recipes. I've also used it to saute veggies. It adds great flavor to food!

One of my coolest discoveries is that it works to remove stickiness from about anything. I had a sticky decal on my old car that I needed to remove before I traded it in and I couldn't get it off. I tried a little coconut oil since I was out of Goo Gone and it worked like a charm. Amazing!

Another cool trick is using it as a bath tub cleaner. I scrubbed and scrubbed my bathtub one day and couldn't get it clean. I was using all sorts of cleaning products and nothing worked. Well I tried coconut oil applied to a washcloth and it cleaned my tub perfectly. Seriously, so cool. My husband couldn't even believe it worked. 

What cool ways have you used coconut oil? I'd love to hear!

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