Wednesday, February 12, 2014

gifts: expectant mother

I wanted to put together a little congratulations gift for an expectant mother. Just a small gift filled with some things to make her pregnancy just a little easier. 

1. Ginger Ale for the nausea.
2. Cocoa Butter for the stretch marks.
3. Antacid tablets for the heartburn.
4. Tissues for the tears brought on by the hormones.
5. Preggie Pops for the morning sickness.

I put these five items in a brown paper bag. I never buy any other type of bag. Only these. I get them at Hobby Lobby for 50 cents. I love how simple they are and you can customize the tissue paper and ribbon to the occasion. 

A brown paper bag tied up with string... filled with a few pregnancy things! 

Congratulations to this wonderful new mommy! I hope she enjoys her gift!

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