Monday, February 10, 2014

fashion: channeling spring

There is a beautiful sky full of snow flurries outside my window right now but I'm dreaming of spring. Spring and fall are my favorite. The weather feels perfect. What I love most about spring is the beautiful colors. God paints a beautiful picture in springtime. I love pink, yellow, green, and blue. 

I received this gorgeous scarf c/o Our World Boutique. The colors channel spring. They are bright and sunny. The scarf is light and flowy. It's perfect. 

But I just couldn't wait until spring to wear it. So I paired it with long sleeves and my favorite ankle boots for bright winter look yesterday.

I can't wait for warmer temperatures and colorful days but until then I will enjoy these pretty little snowflakes outside of my window.

This scarf is available in a variety of colors from Our World Boutique for only $5.99! Such a steal! Get yours now here!

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