Friday, August 3, 2012

Thrifty: new finds!

My husband came home earlier from work today so after I fed Olivia, I headed down the street to the Goodwill- by myself! I haven't been anywhere alone in a long time. It felt good to just get out of the house without the diaper bag and a sippy cup. I browsed for about 20 minutes. Tried out several things but walked away with one dress, one skirt, and one shirt for just over $12.00. For my next 3 thrifty posts, I'm going to show you "thrifty" outfits featured my new items. This is what I got...

This shirt is Under case you couldn't already tell by the logo on the front. My husband is a huge Under Armour fan. So when I walked in the house and told him I got an Under Armour shirt he got all excited thinking it was for him... sorry, honey, this one is all mine! These shirts retail at about $25 so I got a great deal at $3.75- it looks good as new.

This skirt is from Lilly Pulitzer and I paid just $3.75 for it! Woo hoo! I love Lilly Pulitzer clothing but let's be serious... it's too stinkin' expensive! Their skirts usually range from $70-$100. No way! I'm too cheap for that so I was so excited to find this pretty blue skirt in my size!

This is a Calvin Klein dress and I almost didn't try it on. It's an extra small so I didn't think there was anyway it was going to fit. Thank goodness for trying it on! It actually runs big and fits me perfectly! A great thrifting tip: never pass up on an item just because it doesn't say "your size"... try it on anyway! I got this pretty dress for just $5.00.

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