Thursday, August 2, 2012

Olivia- 11 weeks

Olivia has been busy this week. I figured out that she doesn't really like the playmat. She'll "play" there for a few minutes but doesn't really care much about it. So instead I laid out one of her blankets on the floor and put here there. She loves it! She'll stay on her tummy about 5-10 minutes and lay on her back for up to 30 minutes. She stares at the ceiling fan and light and "talks" to me. She's been doing a little moving on her mat too. She's attempting to roll. She rolls over to her side and back to her back several times in a row.

Another new thing this week was the Bumbo. She sat in the Bumbo for the first time on Tuesday. She wasn't really sure what to think of it but she did stay in it for about 5 minutes before she was fussy. Big sister seems to think the Bumbo is a potty- she stripped down and sat in it. Thankfully she didn't actually go potty in it!

Olivia also went to storytime at the library and to the movies for the first time this week. Our theater has $1.00 children's movies once a week during the summer. It wasn't a disaster. Each of my girls got a little fussy here and there but we successfully watched Winnie the Pooh in it's entirety. Olivia had a busy week!

Trying to roll.

Happy girl!

First time in the Bumbo.

At the movies.

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