Sunday, February 26, 2012

becoming a mother of 2

Today marks the beginning of week 29 of my pregnancy. This pregnancy has seemed to go by much faster than when I was pregnant with Julianna. I think I'm just much busier this time around. Keeping up with a nearly 2-year old plus working full-time as well as the taking care of our home. I'm busy.

I am so excited to meet sweet little Olivia. I know she'll be a wonderful addition to our family. At the same, I'm nervous. I'm nervous about becoming a mother of 2. I'm worried about dividing my attention between two little girls and how Julianna will feel when Olivia arrives. I don't want her to feel like I love her any less. I am sure I will find my nitch and balance my love between my 2 girls but for now, I'm nervous! I'm hoping Julianna won't be as jealous of her new sibling as I fear she might be. She hasn't wanted us to talk about the baby. But on a rare occasion, she'll kiss my belly. I'm hoping she'll fall in love with her little sister right away- her instant best friend.

There are many big changes coming soon for our family. I am praying for guidance and courage during all of these changes. They are very exciting changes and changes that definitely take a leap of faith. The biggest of all of the changes is adjusting from being a family of 3 to a family of 4.

The greatest gift I have ever been given, is the gift of being able to be a mother. The moment little Julianna was placed on my chest, was the moment I was changed forever. Forever for the better.

Love multiples when it is divided.

The big sister to be.


  1. I'm only one week in to this whole mother-of-two thing and what's been hard for me has been the oldest because she's so active and more demanding of my attention. I too and praying for guidance as we all adjust to this transition.

  2. We had some of the same fears before Griffin was born but it all worked out beautifully. We tried to include Sydney in as much of the baby care as possible and we were sure to each spend some one on one time with her. Sydney and Griffin have the sweetest little bond, and often I am in tears watching them interact. Griffin says "My Sydney". I am sure Julianna and Olvia will be close.

  3. It's reassuring that I'm not alone in my fears. I am excited for my girls to have each other to love and grow up with.