Sunday, February 26, 2012

our tree

Last year on Good Friday, Josh, Julianna, and I went to pick out a new tree for our front yard. Josh and I had planted one when we bought our house but we killed it. Not enough watering, maybe too much plant food. Not really sure but it didn't make it to the next season. Well, last year we bought a tree at a local nursery. It's a Okame Cherry Tree. We never really saw it bloom last year. Just a couple of small buds.

This year, the winter has been very mild. It's pretty much stayed in the 50's since December. We've had one snow this year and then a couple of days later it was in the 70's. Craziness!

Josh noticed that our tree had blooms on it! I was quite surprised but he was absolutely right. It's covered with beautiful pink blooms. I'm really looking forward to watching our tree grow, right along with our family!

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