Friday, February 10, 2012

maternity fashion: week 26

Well, week 25 was a week with just about zero pictures. I just didn't feel great. I ended up discovering the 'cause by Friday afternoon... a stomach virus. So this week, I have been on the mend and I'm feeling 100% again. I actually dressed in 5 nice outfits this week but unfortunately, I only took pictures one day. This one particular day, I think I look more pregnant than in any of my other outfits and none of my outfit is maternity clothing.

The other unfortunate thing is that I never use my real camera to take pictures. Josh bought me a nice Nikon camera for Christmas. I guess I went so long just using my cell phone that I forget that I have an actual camera to use.

Top: Non-Maternity, Thrifted, H&M
Sweater: Non-Maternity, New York & Company
Skirt: Non-Maternity, Belk
Boots: Charming Charlie

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