Monday, February 20, 2012

27/28 weeks + maternity fashion

Pregnancy: 28 weeks
Weight Gain: 14 pounds
Sleep: good, still needing lots of it.
Gender: it's a girl!
Name: Olivia Grace
Feeling: bigger! it's harder to get up off the floor now when I'm playing with Julianna or giving her a bath.
Health: I passed my 1 hour glucose test today. Blood count and iron level was good too. Blood pressure was 120/70.
Movement: tons of movement!
Size of Baby: eggplant... measuring right on track.
Cravings: fruit, juice, crunchy ice, and sweets!
Belly Button: in but it's getting much more shallow.

I missed posting on Saturday so that's why we have a mixture of posts today. Josh and I went out of town for our "babymoon" to the mountains. Josh's mom kept Julianna for us so we could getaway, just the two of us. It was so nice to relax together like old times. We did a lot of shopping and eating. We caught a movie together. We even got to stop by Ikea for more shopping adventures on our way home. We finished up buying the furniture we need for Olivia's room.

It was great spending the weekend with my husband. In less than 3 months, we'll have another little sweetie to take care of!

 Gray Sweater: Non-Maternity, Target
Red Sweater: Non-Maternity, New Directions, thrifted
Jeggings: Non-Maternity, Wal-Mart
Scarf: New York & Company
Boots: Charming Charlie

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