Monday, October 28, 2019

Five Favorites .04

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Hey y'all! I hope you had a great weekend! Today, I'm sharing Five Favorites and I hope y'all love these things just as much as I do. This post includes my favorite coffee mug, the product that has changed my skin, a game changing razor, my new favorite leggings (I really need a second and a third pair because they are that good), and my go-to calorie free drink!

This mug is one is one of the items that I get the most questions about over on Instagram! Pretty much every time I share it on stories, someone asks me about it. Most of the questions ask me if it's worth it as far as the price goes and I would definitely say yes. I got it for Valentine's Day this year and I have literally used it every single day since. I pour my hot coffee into and then a coffee cube (leftover coffee that has been frozen in ice cube trays). It keeps it the perfect, drinkable temperature for hours! The other question that I often get asked about it is how I travel in the car with it. Well, I have a Honda Pilot with a center console. I simply sit it on my center console and I've never had it tip over because it's bottom heavy. You can also get a slider lid for it to help prevent any spills plus it helps your drink stay warm for a longer time. I'm a fan!

My skin went through a really, really rough season between May and September. Four months of severe eczema breakouts and super dry, sensitive skin. My skin was particularly dry on my eyelids and they were so incredibly sensitive. I had to totally switch up my skincare routine to soothe my skin so I switched to using this rosehip oil instead of any other serums that I was using previously. I use it all over my face in the morning and in the evening after cleansing. It leaves my skin feeling moisturized without being sticky or shiny. I then apply my sensitive skin moisturizer. It really helped get my face back in good condition plus it's super budget friendly! I love this stuff!

If you have been on Instagram anytime over the last few months then I'm sure you've seen a dozen or more bloggers sharing this razor. I decided to try it for myself back in August and I'm still using it every single day. It comes with the handle and two blades to start with for only nine dollars and free shipping. After the first month, you can decide how many blades you want shipped (shipping is still free) to you each month. I personally picked four blades per month and that has worked out for me perfectly. I change my blade once a week and get a great shave. This is a major upgrade to the disposable razors that I was using! 

I had seen a few bloggers share these leggings and raved about how awesome they were. Well, I had to try them out because I was in the market for some new workout leggings. Mine arrived this week and they are like nothing I have ever felt material wise. They go on easier and hold you in (without that suffocating kind of feeling). I went with the small short (I'm 5'5' but wanted some ankle breathing room for working out). These are fantastic leggings! Two thumbs up.

I am a big fan of lemonade in general but not a fan of how much sugar is in it. When I met Carrie Underwood at the Calia by Carrie event back in April, Carrie's favorite drinks and snacks were setup for us before our workout. One of the drink was this Zero Squeeze Vitamin Water. It's sweetened with stevia so it's calorie free plus it's loaded with vitamins. The best part is that it tastes really great! I drink of these everyday!

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you have a great day!

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