Sunday, August 23, 2015

mix it up

Pattern mixing can seem very intimidating if you are not used to breaking fashion rules. It was something I always thought looked super cute on someone else but I never thought I could actually pull it off. A couple of years ago, I gave it a try and now I can't stop. It adds so much versatility to your wardrobe {hello, tons of new outfit combinations} and it creates such a fun, unique look.

But how do you make it happen without looking like it's tacky day during spirit week? My biggest tip is that you need to find at least one common color with another pattern. The easiest match up is black. Find two patterns in your closet that contain the same color and go for it! Stripes and floral is one of my favorite combinations along with leopard and plaid. Have fun while getting dressed + mix it up!

how to pattern mix, preppy style, pattern mixing,

how to pattern mix, preppy style, pattern mixing,

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