Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter 2012

Julianna celebrated her 3rd Easter this year. Julianna was just a couple of week old for her first Easter but was able to enjoy more of the festivities last year. But this year- she really got into everything and had a blast!

She celebrated with dyeing eggs at daycare plus a party and an egg hunt there. We also had an Easter egg hunt at our church on Saturday. We did crafts, ate cupcakes, hula hooped (sort of), listened to the Easter story, and of course, hunted for eggs. Julianna managed to get about 6 eggs with my help. We had such a fun time!

For Easter, Julianna got a princess bubble machine instead of an Easter basket this year. She loves it and we've had so much playing with it outside.
Playing with Easter eggs from her daycare egg hunt.

Crafts at church.

"Where did all the eggs go?"

Easter egg hunt at church.

Hula hooping.

Easter Sunday before church.

Playing with her new bubble machine.

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