Thursday, April 5, 2012

34 weeks

How Far Along: 34 weeks

How Big is Baby: not completely sure but I am measuring at 36 cm (36 weeks) as of yesterday. I'm having a growth ultrasound on April 20 to check her size since Julianna was IUGR and I had to be induced due to her size.

Weight Gain: about 25 pounds.

Sleep: not great- I wake up several times a night just trying to get comfortable.

Health: blood pressure was back on track yesterday. I had a spike in blood pressure at my 32 week appointment but it's good now. I'm still experiencing the upper abdominal pain and it's getting worse + my back hurts constantly. It'll all be worth it in the end though.

Clothes: all maternity except for dresses and tank tops that I've bought a size up in.

Best Moment this Week: hearing Livi's heartbeat yesterday- 154.

Food Cravings: anything sweet- I love cobbler!

Movement: tons of strong movements.

Gender: she's a girl.

Name: Olivia Grace

Labor Signs: just Braxton-Hicks contractions on a fairly regular basis.

What I Miss: the good sleep I was experiencing just a few weeks ago.

What I'm Looking Forward To: my next ulratsound.

Milestone: measuring at 36 cm is a milestone for me. I never measuring more than 35 cm when I was pregnant with Julianna.

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