Sunday, September 4, 2011

i love my family

Have I mentioned lately how much I love my little family? Well, I do. So much. Julianna has brightened our lives so much and she continues to amaze me each day! Love that little girl!

She's loving books right now (which makes her teacher mom very happy) and won't leave the house without a book. Every thrift store shopping trip results in Julianna leaving with the book of her choice. She chooses what she likes from the book shelf. She "reads" the book to herself and will give it to mommy or daddy to read to her as well.

She's also been a fantastic eater lately. A few months ago, I couldn't get her to eat anything and it was stressing me out! But now she'll eat pretty much anything I give her. She loves strawberries right now and anything with that she can dip into ranch dressing.

Julianna is also talking like crazy. She has so many words that she's using to help her communicate about what she wants. She asks to "eat eat" when she hungry, tells me "ni ni" when she's tired, and says "bye bye" and "hey" at the appropriate times. She's using less sign language now because she can say more words. She can say please and usually signs please while saying "peas".

She's our world. Enjoy a few pictures of our baby girl from the past few days:

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