Saturday, September 17, 2011

Happy 18 Months, Julianna!

Wow! It's so hard to believe that Julianna is eighteen months old. A year and a half. She's become such a little lady in the past 18 months. She's a toddler now with a growing personality. Her personality is sweet and sassy; just as I expected.

She can walk and run. But loves to be held and cuddled and carried around the house. She gives herself kisses in the mirror and says "JuJu!" She says bye bye and hey. Calls her daddy, "Josh!" probably because she hears her mommy say it so much. Her favorite animals is a dog and spots a dog immediately. Julianna eats what we eat and has a fondness for black beans, ham, cheese, strawberries, and blueberry muffins. She's fully aware of where to find the cookies in kitchen and goes to the pantry saying "eat! eat!" Julianna still hasn't had a hair cut and rocks the waterspout on a daily basis.

We're in love with this precious little girl. She makes us smile, laugh, and occasionally want to pull our hair out when she throws her food at dinner. She's amazing and she's ours.

Happy 18 months, little lady! We love you forever!

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