Sunday, September 4, 2011

thrifty: sunday afternoon shopping

After church and after our afternoon nap, Julianna and I headed out to get a freebie from Victoria's Secret and to check out our favorite thrift store.

Thrifting outfit:

Shirt: thrifted, Old Navy, $3.75
Skirt: thrifted, Madison, $3.75
Belt: Down East Basics, $8.00
Shoes: Duck Head, $13.00
Outfit Total: $28.50

And the goodies I found! (All for $25.00!!)
Brand new with an awesome button detail on the pockets.

Beautiful neckline on this find... only $2.00!

Hollister pinstripe pants.

New shirt for Josh. Also brand new!

My eyes lit up when I saw these... 3.75 and Liz Claiborne!

Belts... the brown one is leather.

Ann Taylor Loft... perfect for Josh's sister's wedding this weekend.
I'd say today was a success! Plus I found another picture from for the hallway project. Can't wait til that comes together! What good stuff have you thrifted lately??

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