Tuesday, November 9, 2010

ah-choo times 2

It's ah-choo times 2 at the Soto house. Julianna is sick. I had to pick her up early from daycare today because she was running a fever and had other icky virus symptoms. I took her to the doctor to get her checked out. The doctor said it's pretty much just a run of the mill virus. All I can do is give her Tylenol for the fever and make sure she stays hydrated. She hasn't been to the peditrician since she was 4 months old because of Josh's change in jobs which equaled a change in insurance. Her new insurance just kicked in at the beginning of November. Well, Julianna is 16 pounds now! She is finally above the 10th percentile for weight now. She's close to the 25th percentile. Jules has come a long way!

Like I said at the beginning, there are 2 sick ones in our house. Josh is experiencing flu-like symptoms and a sore throat. Chicken soup and bedtime for him. Julianna can't go to daycare tomorrow. Josh has been required to stay home by his boss. So nurse Emily has to take the day off to care for the sicklings.

Get healthy, yall!

On the positive side, Julianna had a great time tearing up the paper on the examination table at the doctor's office today:

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