Saturday, November 6, 2010

welcome to my favorite month of the year!

I love November. The gorgeous leaves. The crisp fall air. My birthday. Thanksgiving. What's not to love?! The picture below is of my classroom door. I made this turkey last year. I put it on the door and the theme was being thankful. I changed it up this year to incorporate academics. The kids loved making the feathers. I'm not sure if we ever get too old to trace our hands and cut them out. It's timeless.
Josh is at "man camp" this weekend with a group of men from church. I'm glad he's getting a chance to hang out with guys and act like a guy. I'm also getting my girl time in my sweet little sidekick- Jules. That's pretty much her main nickname right now. At daycare, the ladies call her Jules. When we walked in yesterday morning, a little boy (probably about 3 years old) said, "Look! It's Jules! YAY!" It was terribly cute.

I love that little girl so much!

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