Monday, September 30, 2019

Five Favorites .01

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Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend! We had a pretty laid back weekend that included two trips to Target. Our adventures in adulting led us to needing a new toilet seat. I've never in my 33 years of life needed to purchase a toilet seat so this was total uncharted territory for my husband and for myself. On Saturday, we had to have a Target employee direct us to the aisle of toilet seats and then another Target employee counseled us on which shape to purchase. Standing in the toilet seat aisle at Target, I could not for the life of me remember if our toilets were elongated or round. For future reference, this is an important detail to note prior to toilet seat shopping. We picked the elongated one because the Target employee insisted that most toilets are that shape. Of course, it was the wrong one. We, in fact, have round toilets at the Soto house. So Sunday, we had to make another trip to Target to return a toilet seat... which led into another interesting conversation with a Target employee. But, my most favorite part of this experience was making my nine year old daughter carry the toilet seat around Target. Such good times and we thankfully have a brand new round toilet seat in the girls' bathroom! Mission complete.

Now, that I've shared that random story, I want to introduce a new series here on the blog. The past six weeks or so, I have gotten really into listening to podcasts. I love them! One of my favorite ones (The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey), always asks their guests what they are loving and it's always so fun to hear their responses. The things they mention are anything from skincare products to activities to food. Really anything. I thought it would be fun to start sharing five of my current favorites, weekly or at least bi-weekly here on the blog. This series will be different from my Currently Loving series because it will be more than just clothes, shoes, and accessories. I'm excited to share more of my favorite things with y'all!

This is such a great podcast and one of my very favorite ones to listen too. It's by Annie F. Downs and she interviews new (and old) friends. It's positive, uplifting, encouraging, and funny! She releases new episodes every Monday and Thursday. You can find it here!

Maybe about five years, I started drinking flavored sparkling water. I thought it was absolutely gross the first ten or twelve times that I tried it. But, I've always been an avid soda drinker, well was and I wanted to cut back on my soda consumption without sacrificing carbonation. I rarely drink soda now which is pretty incredible because I grew up on Mountain Dew. Recently, my husband and I have really been loving Topo Chico sparkling mineral water. It was such a pure, bubbly taste and it's even better cold out of a glass bottle. I love to add fresh lemon to mine!

Over the past couple of years, I have really been trying to stay clear of fast fashion and move towards stocking my closest with basic pieces that will last. Sometimes pieces that will last can be expensive so I love finding budget friendly items that can stand the test of time. Fabric is super important to me when choosing clothing items, especially if they are affordable. When I go to Target to shop, I try to only purchase clothing items there that are made of natural fibers. This cardigan is one of my very favorite recent finds! It's made out of 100% cotton. It's so soft and great quality, especially for the under $25 price tag! I sized up one size to a medium for an oversized, cozy fit but I would say that it does run true to size. This will be a closet staple for me this season and next!

Once you try erasable pens, you don't want to use anything else! I got these as a gift at work awhile back and they are pretty much the greatest thing that has every happened to office supplies. They are fully erasable (it really works and the eraser never wears down), retractable, and they are even refillable! I love this style and another felt tip type that I also really love. A must have!

I discovered this lip gloss about a year ago and it's still my favorite! My lips get super dry, especially when I wear lip stick. But, I really love a hint of color for everyday and I also really don't want my lips to be dry. This lip gloss is my favorite one that I've ever used! Yes, that sounds dramatic but it's true. My favorite shade is Berry Brown and I think it's the perfect neutral!

Have a great day! Thanks so much for stopping by!

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