Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Moisturizers for Tired Moms

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Happy Tuesday! I found the image above on Pinterest several years ago and it resonated with me because I have literally been tired since I had my first child in 2010! That was also the same year I become a coffee drinker, lol. Over the weekend, I asked for some recommendations for a new face moisturizer that would make me look less like I have been tired since 2010. So many women responded and shared their favorite budget friendly options so I thought I would round them all up and share the list with y'all, in case you are also on the hunt for a new moisturizer. 

I ended up purchasing two new moisturizers, since they were both super affordable to give them a try. One to use during the way and one for nighttime. 

I bought an Olay moisturizer that I used throughout college because it provided sun protection and it's super affordable:

The next day, I decided I wanted to try a different one to use at nighttime (since it doesn't have any sunscreen in it). Plus I found this one at Walmart while I was grocery shopping for about $5:

Next up is a list of the moisturizers that were suggested to me. I personally haven't tried any of them myself but if you have, please let me know your thoughts!

Did I miss any amazing budget friendly moisturizers?! Leave a comment below and share it with me! Thank you so much for stopping by! Have a great day!



  1. I'm a fan of some of these products and true to say, they're not only effective but affordable as well. I'm using Olay right now because of the many variations and it's effectiveness but I change brands from time to time for a different feel. Thanks for the round up of the best moisturizers in the market, Emily!

  2. I have been using Hope in a Jar by Philosophy and I love how it makes my skin look less tired. If you try any of the other ones on the suggested list above, let us know what you think.