Monday, August 4, 2014

fashion: thrifty fashionista

One of my forever friends, Brittney, had her baby shower this weekend. Her and her husband will be welcoming a sweet baby boy into their family in September. I'm so excited for them! 

Before I left for the shower, my husband picked this flower from a vine in our yard. It matched my top perfectly! My husband always picks on me for being so "cheap" but I like to call it thrifty. I love a good coupon and I got two good ones in the mail recently. From JCPenney, I got a coupon for $10 off a $10 purchase of clothing, shoes, or accessories. I found this top on clearance for $11 so with my coupon, it came home with me for about $1 and some change. I also recently got a coupon for $10 off a $10 purchase at Victoria's Secret along with a free panty coupon that you could use at the same time. Two pairs of underwear for 53 cents. 

I'm thrifty and I never, ever pay full price unless it's an investment item or I'm helping out a small business. I always find a coupon code, free shipping deal, or I get it for free by promoting a company's products. I'm mostly a stay at home mom so we don't have much extra money so I have to use what I have in smart ways. I also have many apps on my phone that I use to earn free gift cards {Target!} and cash! Even on the "cheap", you can still be a thrifty fashionista. 

// top {similar} // jeans // heels {similar} //

// top {similar} // heels {similar} // pants //
// purse // bracelets // bangles //

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