Sunday, August 24, 2014

style: i'm so fancy

I'm not a huge fan of the "I'm So Fancy" song. Honestly, I had never even heard it until my husband showed me a parody of the song on YouTube. I listen to kid songs, Christian music, and randomly a "cowboy song" (also known as country music). But I do like being fancy and overdressing. I wore the "I'm So Fancy" outfit for errands and grocery shopping. It was so comfortable and fancy at the same time. A win in my style book.

Speaking of style, I am now classifying my outfit posts as style and my daily deals as fashion. Fashion is what you buy. Style is what you do with it. I love inspiring others and being inspired. Style on.

// tank {similar} // decal // skirt {similar} //
// shoes // purse // necklace // bracelets //

// shirt {similar} // shorts {similar} // dot bracelet //

// top // shorts // sandals + similar //
// purse {similar} // bracelet //

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