Monday, June 23, 2014

fashion: summer uniform

My summer uniform consists of my chambray sleeveless shirts from Wal-Mart (only $7) and printed shorts because I have quite the growing collection of them. I love a fun pair of shorts. 

I walked 3 miles around the mall today (with different shoes) with Olivia while Julianna was at VBS. She did ok and hopefully tomorrow will be better for her. She isn't a fan of breakfast and wouldn't eat before she went today. Usually she's ok because she has a snack around 9:30 at home but the didn't have snack until much later and she just couldn't keep herself together. I'm the same way. I get "hangry" when I haven't eaten. I'm hoping to get her to eat tomorrow but if not, I'm packing a snack for her to eat when she gets hungry. She loves VBS so much and I want her to enjoy this week there. 

// shirt {similar} // shorts // sandals //
// purse // bracelet 1 // bracelet 2 {similar} // 

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