Monday, March 17, 2014

Julianna: 4 Years Old

Today we celebrated Julianna Hope's fourth birthday! I can't believe it's been four years since I became a mother. At 5:14 pm tonight, we were eating at dinner at Sir Pizza, enjoying her favorite meal- salad and pizza. We stopped and sang happy birthday to her. It was such a special moment! Even Olivia joined in on the singing.
I remember my first moments with her just like it was yesterday. She was so tiny and perfect. All I could think was, "wow! I can't believe she's mine!" Such a beautiful gift from God.

Because of her I am more loving and less selfish. My heart is filled with joy and she's gives me love so unconditionally. Being a mother is an absolute blessing.

She loves preschool and dance class. She thrives on routine and schedule but enjoys downtime when she can be creative and play on her own.
Her favorite foods are pizza, carrots, salad, cucumbers, donuts, strawberries, broccoli, chicken nuggets, and oatmeal cream pies. 
She loves princesses, singing, art, dancing, and watching movies. She has a love for nature and being outside. She loves to help in the garden. 
Julianna's fourth birthday was filled with so many of her favorite things. Donuts, strawberries, tutus, tiaras, songs, parties, hugs, smiles, pizza, salad, kisses, candles, and balloons. It was such a fun day!
Happy Fourth Birthday, Julianna Hope! 

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