Wednesday, March 12, 2014

fashion: Style Me March 4-10

I'm still going strong on my Style Me March closet and Instagram challenge. It's been so fun to look at my closet in a more creative and fun way. Here are my looks from days 4 through 10.

4. Put A Belt On It
This was a challenge for me. I rarely wear belts. They just really aren't my thing. But I picked up this fun, glittery gold bow belt at Target back in November. This was the second time I've actually ever worn it. I love how this outfit turned out with the pop of pink and gold details.

5. All About The Eyes
This was a beauty challenge. I usually don't leave the house without mascara, eye shadow, and liner. I look so tired without it. I was especially tired this day because my husband was out of town on a business trip. Tired mommy eyes.

6. Little Black Dress
I have quite a few of little black dresses. But this day was a challenge because I had to work. I typically wear jeans or pants to work since I work at an after school program as a teacher. I need to be comfortable so my solution was to wear a black maxi dress paired with a chambray shirt on top, military jacket, and a polka dot scarf. It turned out to be so comfy and cute. A win.

7. Feelin Rockstar
I felt anything but rockstar this day. We had a nasty ice storm the night before and our power was out. The kids were stir crazy, the house was cold, and we needed to get groceries. Not a good combination. But it wasn't anything a trip to Chick-Fil-A couldn't fix.

8. Good Hair Day
Another beauty challenge but this one is hard. I mean, who can predict and pick a day that will be a good hair day?! My hair was a hot mess by 1pm this day. At least the bright colors in my outfit distracted from my frizzy hair.

9. An Oldie But A Goodie
I have had this denim Gap jacket for a few years. I thrifted it and it was already so worn in and perfect when I got it. It's more of a gray color than traditional blue denim. I find it to be the perfect outer layer for mild Spring weather. I paired it with my favorite necklace and new maxi skirt.

10. I Swoon For Stripes
I love stripes. I own more stripes than any other pattern- even polka dots and I love polka dots. Stripes are just so classic and they never go out of style. My new Walmart bag was the perfect accessory for this challenge. I paired it with a fun striped cardigan and a leopard scarf. And those amazing Sam & Libby bow flats.

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