Tuesday, March 4, 2014

fashion: Style Me March 1-3

I love a fashion challenge so when I saw this one posted on Instagram, I jumped on board. These challenges encourage creativity and promote trying new styles that you typically wouldn't think of or try.

1. My Favorite Color
This one was easy for me. My favorite color is pink and always has been as far as I can remember. It's girly and feminine. I paired with distressed polka dot skinnies from the Gap with a vintage tee from Old Navy. The cardigan is from Target but I thrifted it with tags from the Goodwill. My floral necklace is from Our World Boutique and my love letters necklace was a Valentine's gift from Josh (etsy). My shoes are probably my favorite part of this outfit, even though the focus was on the color pink. These are black leather Sam & Libby's that I purchased from Target recently. They are just like the ones I had when I was a little girl and they are so comfortable. I actually only paid $5 for these thanks to gift cards from Shop Kick and cash rewards from Ibotta. It pays to use those shopping apps on a regular basis!

2. Perfectly Parisian
This one was definitely a challenge for me since I wasn't exactly sure what Parisian style was. So Pinterest to the rescue. I looked it up and found lots of black, stripes, and simple but chic pieces. I paired my favorite ponte pants from Target with a top I thrifted from a friend from Rue 21. My heels are from Target, too. They were such a good investment. They go with everything and make a statement. My watch is from Target and my bracelets are from Old Navy and The Jewel Box. My favorite part of this outfit is my new bag. It's a Michael Kors lookalike but guess where it's from... Wal-Mart! Crazy, right?! It is seriously almost identical to a $300 bag by Michael Kors but mine was about $19. I love a look for less and this bag is amazing. It's even lined in polka dots. I felt very chic and Parisian in this outfit.

3. Steal of a Deal
Steal of a deal is always an easy one for me. Pretty much everything I buy feels like a steal of a deal. I look for bargains and shop on a budget. Today it's cold and rainy so naturally I needed to wear layers and rain boots. My Hunter boots were definitely a deal but still a splurge for me. They normally retail for $140 but I received mine as a birthday present from Josh for $80. Mine are from Costco. They are so cozy and perfect for rainy days. The jeans are from Old Navy, vest is from Wal-Mart, tops are from Target and Old Navy. And of course, that fun bag is from Wal-Mart. 

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