Friday, January 10, 2014

Julianna: the things she says

Julianna is almost 4. Where has time gone?! She's loving preschool and adores dance class. She's a busy girl! She's quite a talker and pretty much never stops talking. She will have a conversation with just about anyone and even talks in her sleep. I'm going to start recording on the blog some of the silly things the girls say and some phrases that are on repeat.

Here are some of the things she's currently saying...

"Mom, it's just be tend." (pretend)

"That color is wipe." (white)

After every thought, she says, "ya right?!"

"This is getting so ridiculous!" She says this anytime she is in trouble or asked to do something she doesn't feel like doing.

"Mommy, is this fashion?" After she gets dressed, she has to ask me to be sure.

And when she sees a mole on someone, she calls it a "meatball."

A lollipop is a "wooly pop."

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