Thursday, January 9, 2014

family: less & more

I typically don't make new year's resolutions. Mostly because I will forget about them by March.

The past 2 years, I did my one word. In 2012, it was courage and courage was exactly what I needed then. Last year, my one word was encourage. And I hope I succeeded in encouraging others! I was blessed in September with taking over leadership responsibilities for my mom group at church, North Ridge Moms. I have been encouraged by the other women in this group so much! It's been such a blessing in my life!

So this year, I couldn't think of just one word. I thought of an idea to live by. Less or more. What do I need less of in my life and what do I need more of? What is truly important? This took a bit of thinking and reflection but I think I have it narrowed down to what I want to focus on but I may add on as the year goes along.


Less... saying "no"

More... exciting, new adventures and more quality time together 


Less... spending money on unneeded items (this is why I'm participating in the 2014 Closet Remix Challenge)

More... paying off bills and giving back to Jesus


Less... junk food and fast food trips

More... water and daily excercise


Less... distractions when we have time together 

More... dates- at least one per month (babysitters?!)

Living more. Loving more. In 2014.

What are your goals/resolutions/words for 2014? 

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