Tuesday, January 7, 2014

thrifty: E-bates

I love earning free money and getting free stuff. But who doesn't?! So I'm going to be sharing some of my favorite ways to earn free money and stuff. First up, E-bates...

I recently signed up for E-bates. You get cash back on online purchases. It's so simple too. You go to their website, click on the store you plan to shop at, and they give you back a percentage of your purchase.

My first purchase was on Amazon for a Christmas gift. I earned 5% cash back on an item I was going to buy anyways. Free money!

E-bates issues checks about 4 times per year. This is my first check from my Amazon purchase:

It isn't much but it's free money! I wish I would have know about E-bates a long time ago! So many stores that I normally shop at online are included. 

Oh and when you sign up, you automatically earn a free $10 gift card! You are able to choose from a few retailers and then they mail you the gift card. No strings attached! 

Here's my gift card that just came mail for Target:

Free money and a free gift card just for signing up?! Yep! It's all true!

Click this link to sign up today and choose your free gift card!

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