Saturday, May 7, 2011

our week

Overall, we've had a great week. What a fast week it was. Friday came before I knew it. I'm surprised it felt so fast because school is pretty intense right now. We take the EOGs the week after next... keep my students in your prayers! I know they can do it... we will because we can!

I'll post more about Mother's Day tomorrow but yesterday, Julianna's daycare class hosted a Mother's Day Tea for the mommies. It was too cute! Cookies and tea (plus cheese puffs for the little ones). It was awesome to socialize with the other moms. We have been blessed to find such an awesome daycare for Julianna. Her teachers are amazing! I truly appreciate them!

After our tea, Julianna and I headed back to my school for our annual Spring Fling. Julianna had a great time until it started to rain (we were outside) and we had to stand under a tent. Baby girl doesn't like to be be still!

Check out a few pictures from our week:

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