Sunday, May 22, 2011

juju: the climber

Julianna turned 14 months old this week. Happy 14 Months, JuJu Bug!!

She's still not walking but she's almost free standing. But she CAN CLIMB! She climbs all the way up the stairs and back down. She climbed up on the stage at church today that's about 2 feet tall. No walking, but climbing and it's scary. I'm frightened and paranoid about her taking a bad fall. I think she'll be walking within this month. I guess we'll see!

She also cut 2 more teeth this week. Pretty painlessly, I suppose. I had no idea she was getting any teeth until she was in my face laughing yesterday. If all of her teeth would come in so gently, that would be fantastic!!

Enjoy a few pictures from our weekend! :)

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