Friday, May 27, 2011


Happy Friday!

This has seriously been a loooooong week. Probably several factors played into it feeling so long. Number one being the fact that Monday is Memorial Day. When there's a long weekend in the future, the time before that seems to just drag. Only 9 more days of schools for the kiddos. It seemed so long while it was happening but thinking back it's flown by! 11 more days of work for me and then Julianna and I will begin our summer vacation. She's going to be out of daycare for 2 months. They are already pretty sad that she's going to be gone for a little while. She's the life of the party! I plan to take her by once a week or so to visit her baby friends and her teachers.

This week, Julianna has been obsessed with her babydolls. They've always been lying around in her pile of toys but this week she decided they were interesting. What I found interesting was that she found everything in the toy pile that was a baby doll and put them all together to love on. How cute! She's also been pushing around her doll stroller/walker all the time now. Taking her baby out of it and putting it back in. I love to watch her do new things!
Tomorrow I'm having a Thirty-One party at my house. Apparently, I picked an awful weekend to have a party. Everyone is going out of town for Memorial Day. I didn't put together that this was Memorial Day weekend when I picked a date for my party. I think I may have a couple of girls coming though so that's good.

After the party, I'm having a girls night out with Amanda for some shopping! Josh and John are on baby duty while we enjoy some girl time. I'm pretty excited!

Have a great weekend, yall! :)

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